In his practice, Dr. Chong applies a unique mix of traditional naturopathic treatment principles, with scientific knowledge in nutritional and lifestyle medicine, towards the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health maintenance to complex illness.  His primary focuses are cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention and treatment, along with helping support general aspects of healthy aging. 


Diagnostic Methods:


  • In depth History Taking: used to identify aspects of a person's life that are not conducive to optimal health.  Also to identify key symptoms suggesting imbalances in bodily function and nutrient status vs. only those used to simply diagnose or name disease.


  • Nutritional Physical Exam: used first to monitor or assess for disease, then further to identify key signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies or lack of optimal function.


  • Advanced Lab Testing: used to go well beyond simple disease identification, looking deep into key aspects of genetic health, nutritional status, hormone balance, metabolism, and body function to identify where things are working well and where they are not.


  • Non-Invasive Imaging Techniques: used to gather further information as the patients' true level of risk. These techniques include CIMT/carotid ultrasound, coronary calcium scoring, EKGs, echocardiograms and more. Exams are either done in office, or the patient is referred to a local imaging center for testing.



Specific therapies:


  • Dietary Counseling: Chosen from the most thoroughly researched, clinically effective, and updated information available from the scientific literature. No “diets”, trends, or fads are used. Only what has been proven to truly work for long term health and vitality.

  • Lifestyle Medicine: A variety of potential options fall under this general topic, and are suggested to each patient on an individualized basis. Stress modification practices, exercise/movement suggestions, and optimizing sleep hygiene are a few of the more common options frequently taught.



A Special Thanks:


Dr. Chong has had the distinct honor and privilege to train under and/or learn from some wonderful doctors and teachers, and hopes that at least in some small way, his work helps to continue theirs in the years to come.  All he does in practice is a reflection of their amazing knowledge and experiences. A special thanks goes to:


  • Linus Pauling, PhD

  • Matthias Rath, MD

  • Russell Jaffe, MD

  • Russell Marz, ND

  • Jared Zeff, ND

  • Joel Fuhrman, MD

  • Joel Kahn, MD

  • Alan Goldhamer, DC

  • Jim Roberts, MD

  • Mark Houston, MD

  • John McDougall, MD

  • Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD

  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD

  • Rick Marinelli, ND

  • Jonathan Wright, MD

  • Alan Gaby, MD