• In this online workshop, Dr. Chong will teach you all the details of his highly effective, research-based, F.L.O.W. Method for Heart Attack Prevention 
  • In addition to a strong, detailed focus on the most powerful dietary interventions for cardiovascular health ever studied, The F.L.O.W. Method also integrates various, additional, evidence-based methods from all corners of Lifestyle Medicine, to help further reduce risk for heart attacks and strokes.* You will leave with a wide variety of knowledge and tools that have been shown to help lower cholesterol naturally, improve blood pressure, and as a side effect, also help reduce risk for dementia, cancer, and other chronic diseases.
  • Anyone who purchases this program is eligible for:
    • A lifetime 10% discount off all future consults with Dr. Chong
    • Discounted, advanced cardiovascular lab testing your doctor may not order
    • Post-program information and materials to help ensure your successful application of this crucial health information
Cost: $235
*This program combines Dr. Chong's clinical work with research and clinical findings of these world renowned physicians and researchers into one comprehensive approach:
  • Caldwell Esselstyn, MD
  • Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MDs
  • Mark Houston, MD
  • Joel Kahn, MD
  • Matthias Rath, MD
  • Dan Buettner
  • Sachin Panda, PhD 

"I participated in Dr. Chong's online seminar for cardiovascular disease and was very impressed by his knowledge. I look forward to using his services."

  -Steve L. ~ Vancouver, WA

"Dr. Chong has created an excellent program that highlights his knowledge of the causes, underlying symptoms, prevention and strategies for treatment/reversal of cardiovascular disease.....I am impressed by his high standards, excellent analysis and commitment to eliminating cardiovascular disease."

   -Sylvia E. ~ Vancouver, WA

"Knowing that heart attacks and strokes are the primary cause of premature death, we wanted to learn more and signed up for Dr. Chong's workshop.  Not only did we learn more, we learned how to take care of our own heart health through diet and living a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Chong is an excellent teacher and uses research as the program's foundation. We are very excited to apply the F.L.O.W. method to our own lives and know it will lead to a healthier heart and happier life.  We highly recommend the seminar."

   -Colleen & Dick P. ~ Medford, OR  


The F.L.O.W. Method

for Heart Attack Prevention

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In the history of cardiovascular disease research, no single therapeutic intervention has ever been shown to have a more powerful impact on either the prevention or treatment of atherosclerosis (plaque in the arteries). World-renowned physicians and researchers such as Nathan Pritikin, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, and others have proven that when someone is willing and able to implement all the details necessary, there is almost no level of disease progression that cannot be halted, stabilized, and in some cases reversed. 

Dr. Chong has trained directly with Dr. Esselstyn and has studied the fine details of these other pioneers. He will help you sift through the vast array of dietary opinions on the internet, separate out the TRUTH from the chatter, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, practically apply what you learn into your daily life.


The term Lifestyle Medicine encompasses a number of important factors that should be present in your day to day life to help provide your body with the needs it has adapted to over thousands of years, and thus to function optimally. Unfortunately, modern life has all but eliminated most of these crucial health-promoting facets of daily life, and the results have been devastating.

Dr. Chong has studied this area in depth, and identified the aspects that have the most powerful and profound effects on cardiovascular health. In this portion of the program, he will teach you these key details and provide important steps for implementing them into your daily life. Adopting or refining these steps in your life will perfectly compliment the dietary changes you make and magnify the positive results.


The most well recognized aspect of nutritional intake for cardiovascular disease involves the powerful dietary modifications mentioned above. However, some incredibly important additional research has been conducted which has helped identify the most important nutrients of all for vascular health. Research and physician pioneers in this area including Linus Pauling, Matthias Rath, and Mark Houston. 


This is yet another area that Dr. Chong has studied in depth, and in this lecture he will provide you with key recommendations for foods that concentrate these nutrients and when it may be appropriate to add supplementation to your plan.


Research has shown that if a standard cholesterol panel, focusing on LDL ('bad') cholesterol, is the primary tool used to assess risk for future heart attacks, over 50% of future heart attacks may be missed. Similarly, research has also shown that a treadmill stress test may not begin to show significant negative results until 70% or more of the artery space is blocked.  Fortunately, technology in the areas of blood testing and imaging studies has advanced to the point that we now have much more sensitive tools available to better assess risk at a much earlier juncture. Unfortunately, these tools are still not being used in most conventional clinic settings.

Dr. Chong will review key tests he uses and provide ideas and options for how to get these test run affordably, and to use them as an important means for identifying true change and improvement in risk for future heart attacks.