PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Chong now works exclusively with people via telemedicine. Please click HERE for more info on scheduling a telemedicine appointment.

Initial Visit: approximately 60 minutes.


This appointment is an in depth, information gathering session which gives Dr. Chong time to listen to your story, ask questions that facilitate the rest of his evaluation. 


Occasionally treatment recommendations are given directly after this first visit, but oftentimes a treatment plan is not initiated until your second visit. Based on info obtained at your first visit, Dr. Chong will determine if any laboratory analyses are necessary to fully evaluate you and most effectively render recommendations.



Lab Testing and Other Forms of Evaluation:


Please bring any lab work you have had performed in the last year. Dr. Chong may suggest one or more of various additional tests, in an effort to get the most comprehensive information about your health and function as possible. Some tests will be covered by insurance and some will not. He will make sure you are aware of these details before initiating any testing.


Most blood work is done after 6-12 hours of no food. Staying hydrated prior to your blood draw is recommended. 


Other types of tests may or may not require a blood draw. Dr. Chong will evaluate any lab work performed and add that information to what he learned about during your visit and creates a plan.



Your Second Visit (Extended Follow Up Visit): approximately 30-45 minutes.


During this visit, Dr Chong will review your lab work and other findings with you, spending time teaching you about what everything means, and sharing the patterns which contribute to your current condition or patterns which facilitate healthy prevention and wellness. 


A supportive plan will be given at this time. This plan will typically include individualized lifestyle, dietary and nutritional recommendations and/or recommendations for one or more additional therapies, depending on your circumstances.



Standard Follow Up Visits: approximately 20 minutes


Follow up visits may be scheduled anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the circumstances. Lab work may or may not be ordered for each visit depending on your condition and the nature of your treatment.




Invoices will be sent electronically and can be paid securely online. Payments are due in full at the time of service. Any payment plans or alterations to this payment schedule must be pre-arranged with Dr. Chong.


Dr. Chong is committed to working with people invested in their own well-being and life path. If the cost of a visit is prohibitive, please arrange for a  separate 15 minute consult to discuss if Dr. Chong is the right physician for you and if payment arrangements can be made.




Dr. Chong is an out-of-network provider. He does not bill insurances directly or participate as a provider in any plans. Upon request, a superbill will be provided at the time of payment, with which you may directly apply for reimbursement through your insurance carrier, depending on your plan.


Please note, Dr. Chong will not be able to consult with your insurance company to assist in reimbursement.




While Dr. Chong does not bill insurance, labs run are often still covered by insurance, depending on your plan. All labs run without insurance coverage must be paid for at the time of service. They are typically paid direct to Dr. Chong in order to obtain the best rates for you possible. He will provide these rates in advance of ordering any laboratory testing. 




Focus will always be on deriving as much benefit as possible from dietary and lifestyle factors. However, Dr Chong may still prescribe certain high quality supplements specific to each person’s need. These can be found at your favorite online websites and will also be available via Dr. Chong's online nutritional pharmacy.



Office records are available upon request. Electronic records are available at no cost. Paper copies are available at $0.10 per sheet.




There is no charge for re-scheduling appointments when requested greater than two full business days before the appointment time. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment will forfeit the fee they paid to schedule their appointment, or a $100 fee, whatever is less. No-show appointments will be charged at the full price of the scheduled visit.

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