Daniel Chong, ND, has been a licensed naturopathic physician, practicing in Portland, Oregon, since 2000. His primary  focus is on risk assessment, prevention, and drug-free treatment strategies for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as general healthy aging, including dementia prevention. His primary mentors along the way include:


Dr. Chong has completed certificate training in cardio-metabolic medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is an active member of the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE), serves as a clinical consultant for Cleveland Heart Lab, and is a contributing editor in cardiology for The Natural Medicine Journal.

Dr. Chong also lectures around the country on various topics related to nutrition and cardiovascular disease, and has been interviewed on a variety of Podcasts, discussing health and wellness, nutrition, and cardiovascular disease. See the Media Page for more info.

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